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Returned goods

If you have changed your mind about your purchase you can return your goods to Hydra-Grene.

Customer service can assist you with the following:

  • If you have purchased the wrong goods
  • If you have purchased excess goods
  • If you have regretted the purchase
  • Procured and special manufactured goods are not taken in return
  • Shortened hoses, pipes, together with goods that have gone out of our product range are not taken in return.

If your query concerns claims, press here.

Via the below forms you must yourself complete a Goods return report. After receipt we will go through your query and if it is in accordance to our goods return policy you will receive a Return document which you must enclose with your goods. 

Press here to see Hydra-Grene's goods return policy

Return address
You are requested to send the returned goods to the dispatch address which is shown on the invoice (see field “delivered from”) either Skjern or Greve. The package must be marked with ”Returned goods” together with the RMA number.

Hydra-Grene Skjern                    Hydra-Grene Greve
Baekgaardsvej 36                         Nimbusvej 7 - 11
DK-6900 Skjern                            DK-2670 Greve

Contact information for Customer service
Tel.: 7230 1630
Mail: kundeservice@hydra.dk

Returned goods without an RMA number will be returned to the customer without prior notice.