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As a dedicated hydraulics company supplying to the segments WIND POWER, INDUSTRY and OFFSHORE, Hydra-Grene’s most positive impact on sustainability is through our products and services. Our core products and services contribute to sustainable energy production and we are continuously innovating to lower the cost of energy and make wind energy more competitive with traditional fossil fuels.

We regularly assess and improve the environmental impacts of our operations.

We will continue to improve by setting ambitious targets by implementing processes and procedures that support sustainability and by influencing our stakeholders and suppliers.

The fundamental willingness to behave properly towards customers, employees and the community is part of Hydra-Grene’s heritage.

Our Code of Conduct outlines standards of ethical business behavior to prevent corrupt or dishonest conduct.

Code of Conduct are based on international guidelines developed by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and the UN Global Compact.

Code of Conduct applies to all business units in Hydra-Grene A/S.

- Erik Lodberg, CEO, HydraSpecma

Corporate Responsibility

Hydra-Grene strives to be among the best in creating value in a proper and trustworthy manner by committing ourselves and our businesses to take responsibility and operate sustainably, while creating a motivating working environment. Hydra-Grene’s CR policies lay the foundation for a common approach among our employees regarding our values and our ambition to work sustainably and responsibly. The policies describe guiding principles, and expectations we have for each other, and summarise our approach as employees and employer. The policies are built on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.


Hydra-Grene has operations in various countries around the globe. Regardless of country, we are committed to upholding human rights and to treating our employees with dignity and respect. We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO conventions and recommendations.

  • Diversity and non-discrimination:
  • We will not tolerate any discrimination or harassment based on religion, race, colour, gender, disabilities, age, sexual orientation, political orientation or any other kind of harassment.


At Hydra-Grene, we believe that results are created by people. We are committed to being a responsible employer ensuring proper terms of employment, appropriate health and safety standards and a motivating working environment for our employees.

  • Child labour:
  • We will not tolerate the use of child labour. We will not employ anyone who is under the age of 15 or who is subject to compulsory school attendance. However, in countries where permitted by local laws, children between 13 and 15 of age may perform a few hours of light work ( simple, limited tasks under adequate adult supervision ) or may work as part of an educational program or during school holidays. Such employment must not affect the child’s primary education or imply a risk to its health or physical / psychological development. Children and young persons under the age of 18 may not be engaged in night work or work under conditions which compromise their health, safety or moral integrity and / or which harm their physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development.
  • Forced labour:
  • We will not use any form of forced or involuntary labour. No form of forced labour or work linked to any form of duress or threat of punishment will be permitted, and employees have the right to terminate their employment at a reasonable notice.
  • Health and safety:
  • We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment. We take the necessary precautions to prevent potential accidents and injury to our workers’ health arising from, associated with, or occurring in the course of work, by minimizing, so far as is reasonably practicable, the causes of hazards inherent in the workplace environment, and bearing in mind the prevailing knowledge of the industry and of any specific hazards.
  • Freedom of association and collective bargaining:
  • We respect our employees’ right to associate freely, form or join organisations of their choosing and to bargain collectively.
  • Hours, wages and leave:
  • We are committed to assuring full compliance with applicable laws, regulations and rele-vant collective agreements concerning working hours and overtime, leave and minimum rest periods. Workweeks are not to exceed the maximum set by local law.


Hydra-Grene has built a reputation of operating with high standards of integrity and work ethics. We will work against corruption in all its forms, including bribery and facilitation payments.

  • Employee training:
  • We strive to ensure that relevant employee groups are trained in business ethics on a regular basis.
  • Entertainment and gifts:
  • We will not accept payment, gifts or other types of compensation from third parties that could influence or call into question our impartiality in business decisions.
  • Anti-corruption:
  • All laws and regulations must be complied with to prevent bribery and corruption. We will not ( directly or indirectly ) offer, provide or accept any form of inappropriate benefit or bribe to / from guests, suppliers, public officials or others.


To a high extent, the businesses of Schouw & Co. operate with large scale processing of raw material, and we acknowledge the impact our production has on the environment. Our CR approach towards the environment and climate goes together with proper business acumen. We strive to protect the environment and to continuously reduce emissions relative to output.
Our objectives are to:

  • reduce the total environmental impact in our value chain relative to output
  • reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions relative to output
  • reduce water consumption relative to output
  • enhance material utilisation efficiency
  • reduce waste and increase recycling relative to output.

Code of Conduct

The Hydra-Grene Code of Conduct defines our responsibility towards our customers, our employees, our shareholders, our business partners and towards society. It is to be seen as a guide to how we form good relations and conduct our business.>


Hydra-Grene acts fairly, responsibly and with integrity towards customers in accordance with good business ethics. The claims we make for our products and services are truthful and correct. We fulfill everything we promise regarding safety and product quality. We follow local laws, regulations and our HR policies concerning gifts and entertainment.


All Hydra-Grene employees are treated equally and with respect regardless of gender, age, faith, ethnicity, sexual persuasion, disability or other. Personal relationships must not affect obligations towards the company. No employee may share other employees’ personal information without permission. We are obliged to protect the health and safety of our employees at the workplace and to always act with awareness of environmental impact.


We value our shareholders. We communicate with shareholders through the Hydra-Grene CEO or his or her delegated epresentative. We always follow the established procedures for internal control, book keeping, financial management and document management. Company information must never be used for personal use, trade or be passed on unless for legitimate business purposes.


Hydra-Grene promotes fair competition. We compete fairly and do not enter agreements or understandings that unfairly restrict competition. We follow export and import requirements and under no circumstances do we attempt to gain advantages through fraud or unlawful activities. We also demand ethical business practices from our suppliers and encourages that they also follow the Hydra-Grene Code of Conduct.


The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights is also Hydra-Grene's declaration. We hereby believe that all people have equal dignity and rights that are the foundations for freedom, justice and peace. The resources of the company are never to be used for political purposes. However direct support may be given to charitable or aid organisations. Communication with external partners is through the CEO or delegated representatives of the company.


Hydra-Grene's Anti-Bribery Policy prohibits employees of Hydra-Grene and its subsidiaries in each division from making or approving any offer, promise, payment,
or gift of anything of value to any individual, with an intent to improperly influence a decision by the individual. The Anti-Bribery Policy is intended to supplement and expand on
the Hydra-Grene Code of Conduct. As the Code of Conduct and the Anti-Bribery Policy cannot address all local legal issues in all contries in which Hydra-Grene operates,
where a law conflicts with the Anti-Bribery Policy or the Code of Conduct, the more stringent measure prevails. Hydra-Grene has zero tolerance for non-compliance.


Anti-bribery laws generally prohibit the corrupt giving of something of value to an individual or an Official to obtain or retain business or an improper business advantage.
These laws cover bribery of government officials and employees (“official bribery”), and of individuals at companies with which we do business (“commercial bribery”).


An Official is any government official or employee, political party, party official or political candidate, or any person acting for or on behalf of any such person, in any country.
An Official includes any individual who;

  1. holds a legislative, regulatory, or judicial position
  2. is a director, officer, or employee of an entity owned or controlled by a government
  3. is an official or employee of a public international organisation


All Hydra-Grene employees and business representatives must comply with Hydra-Grene's Anti-Bribery Policy, any more detailed procedures within their relevant business area,
and all applicable laws on bribery. Additionally, we expect all companies and individuals engaged to act for or on behalf of Hydra-Grene to comply with our Anti-Bribery Policy.

Business representatives include employees, agents, brokers, representatives, consultants, distributors, lobbyists, service providers, and any other person engaged or instructed to act for or on behalf of Hydra-Grene

  1. in making sales or developing business
  2. in dealing with any government or Official

UK Modern Slavery Act

Hydra-Grene is committed to operating responsibly and establishing high ethical standards across our company.

The UK Modern Slavery Act of 2015 requires companies carrying on business in the UK to publish a statement describing steps taken to ensure modern forms of slavery and human trafficking are not taking place in the company’s business operations and supply chains.

Our UK Modern Slavery Act statement is annually published by our owners Schouw & co at https://www.schouw.dk//cms.hydra.dk/media/1739/uk-modern-slavery-act-2015.pdf

Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy

QEHS Management Policy of Hydra-Grene A/S.
(QEHS: Quality, Environment, Health, and Safety)

Hydra-Grene A/S wants to develop and produce products in compliance with the expectations and requirements of customers and authorities, while at the same time creating a motivating and sound working environment.

To meet this, Hydra-Grene A/S maintains a management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISP 45001.

Hydra-Grene wants to be among the leading hydraulics companies within design, production and distribution of hydraulic components, complete units and kits, complete hydraulic and industrial hoses as well as finish-bent tubes.

  • Hydra-Grene wants to participate openly and actively in quality, environmental and working environment improvements based on an overall view taking into consideration customers, products, employees and surroundings. The vision is to be leading in a safe, sound and prudent environment where technics and economy are considered.
  • Hydra-Grene will comply with all legislation, regulatory requirements and other compliance obligations
  • The QEHS Management policy applies to the entire company and to persons working on behalf of Hydra-Grene, and must be observed to the relevant extent by any employee in their day-to-day functions, assignments and actions. Therefore, Hydra-Grene will train the employees to actively participate in the quality, environmental and working environment work.
  • Hydra-Grene will cooperate with selected suppliers and customers on improvements of products and processes.
  • Hydra-Grene will monitor and register results from product and process controls, errors in processes and products, and feedback from both employees and customers and suppliers.
  • Hydra-Grene will carry out ongoing improvements, including the use of cleaner technology and use resources and energy in the best possible way, reduce waste and emissions from the processes, prevent pollution and accidents in processes and conduct.
  • Hydra-Grene includes its employees in the work with ongoing improvements and assessments of risks and possibilities. 
  • Hydra-Grene will encourage suppliers to deliver quality, environmentally and working environment safe raw materials, products and services.
  • Hydra-Grene will comply with all legislation and regulatory requirements that comprise Hydra-Grene’s activities and adhere to the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.
  • Hydra-Grene communicates openly with employees, stakeholders, authorities, customers and the public about the impact on the environment and the working environment associated with the company’s processes and products.

The QEHS Management policy is publicly available on the website, which is www.Hydra.dk, and known by all employees, and can be delivered by contacting us.

The policies are evaluated at least once a year by the management’s assessment.

See our “QEHS Manaegment“ in Chinese here