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Flexibility and logistics

Industry leading service level
At Hydra-Grene A/S we take great pride in having the industry's broadest range of hydraulic components and systems. With Hydra-Grene as a supplier you are guaranteed the industry's strongest partner. From our hydraulic warehouses with more than 40.000 active item numbers, we provide same day delivery across the country for orders received before 16:30. In large parts of Jutland and Funen, we even deliver same day for orders received before 10:00. Hydra-Grene logistics therefore minimizes the need for storage capacity for our customers, thereby reducing their own inventory costs.

East and West
Our central warehouse is located in our main location in Skjern. Warehouse, distribution center and major workshops used for serial production are located here. This includes in-house block production, thermal deburring, hose and pipe production, assembly workshop for pump units, valves and blocks.


In our Greve department we have stocked items primarily for service tasks on Zealand. Our workshop in Greve is adapted for smaller production series and special tasks.



Customized kits
Hydra has worked closely with several OEM customers to develop an effective KIT-CONCEPT - a total solution that ensures quality, timely delivery and ultimately the lowest total cost. With Hydra KIT-CONCEPT supplies are packed so they match the needs of the customer's production line.
Hydra performs QC and delivers prepackaged kits, labeled with bar codes, so the components can be delivered directly to the specific production cell at the customers plant. This minimizes errors and reduces handling costs and inventory levels.

  • Industry leading service level

    At Hydra-Grene A/S we take great pride in having the industry's broadest range of hydraulic components and systems. With Hydra-Grene as a supplier you are guaranteed the industry's strongest partner. From our hydraulic warehouses with more than 40.000 active item numbers, we provide same day delivery across the country for orders received before 16:30. In large parts of Jutland and Funen, we even deliver same day for orders received before 10:00. Hydra-Grene logistics therefore minimizes the need for storage capacity for our customers, thereby reducing their own inventory costs.

    East and West

    Our central warehouse is located in our main location in Skjern. Warehouse, distribution center and major workshops used for serial production are located here. This includes in-house block production, thermal deburring, hose and pipe production, assembly workshop for pump units, valves and blocks.

    In our Greve department we have stocked items primarily for service tasks on Zealand. Our workshop in Greve is adapted for smaller production series and special tasks.

  • Customized kits

    Hydra has worked closely with several OEM customers to develop an effective KIT-CONCEPT - a total solution that ensures quality, timely delivery and ultimately the lowest total cost. With Hydra KIT-CONCEPT supplies are packed so they match the needs of the customer's production line.
    Hydra performs QC and delivers prepackaged kits, labeled with bar codes, so the components can be delivered directly to the specific production cell at the customers plant. This minimizes errors and reduces handling costs and inventory levels.